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Who Am I

I am a man who has believed in myself whole my life. I belive, that there is someone. This someone is worried about me and he encourages me all the time. This someone is on my thinking. I called him the invisible power. I have noticed that through my thoughts this invisible power encourages my life all the time.

I have notice the life and all its difficulties. I remember, that when I was a child, i decided that I won´t follow and live difficult life. I have always wanted to live only a beautiful life. As an adult I have noticed, that learning has awaked me to the life. I have noticed that only positive thinking brings a beautiful life. I have noticed that when man awake up to the life, only then he lives the life.

I have learned how the life have to be living. I have learned to understand the life. I have noticed that my life begins with myself. Without me, my life would not exist. Without life, I would not exist. This means that me and the life are one. Because of that, I have learned that the meaning of life is living. Living the life means that man lives from passion and positiveness. The meaning of life is to observe the beauty of life. When man understand himself, only then he will see the light of life. Each of us is born from this light and each of us will go back to the light.

I am the man who dares to be who I want to be. I am the man, who has learned to live the life on this earth. I am the man, who has noticed that this life is reserved only for me. I have noticed, that only passionate thoughts will enjoy life. The most important part of life is the life.

Eugen Burdusel


Eugen Burdusel


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